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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

2022: The Year of Erotica! 

Our focus this year is all about bringing the best erotica to the world! 

In addition to our monthly erotica writing contests -- where three winning short erotica works will be chosen as the best -- we are going to provide a host of ongoing erotica writing seminars, workshops, gatherings, and retreats. 

Submit: A story. An essay. A narrative. A poem. A scene. A conversation. A critique. A criticism. A play. A short fiction. A memoir. A dialogue. A dream. A stream of consciousness.

Length: Minimum 400 words. Maximum 2400 words.

What is erotica and how is it different from pornography? 

Before we answer that, let's make one thing clear: we are looking for high-quality writing. As one sister puts it: Erotica is more than a tangle of limbs! 

Please enter your erotica if you agree with this distinction:

*erotica: looking at Michelangelo's David and seeing a masterpiece;

*pornography: looking at Michelangelo's David and seeing a d*ck. 

Our anthology may be the home for your work if you choose to write about the masterpiece and not the d*ck. (Of course, the d*ck can show up, but it's not the centerpiece!) 

We really like this article by Leon F. Seltzer, who holds PhDs in both English & Psychology, where he examines erotica versus pornography very well, specifically: 

"If the subjects are portrayed in a manner that focuses on their inner and outer radiance, their fleshy vitality, and the work itself seems to manifest a passionate and powerful affirmation of life and the pleasures of this world, then I think we're talking erotic. If, however, the subjects seem reduced to so many body parts, if any beauty appears subordinate to the overriding purpose of arousal, if the sex depicted seems depersonalized, controlling, non-mutual, and devoid of fun or play (but rather seems about "getting down to business" and "getting off")--and if the sex acts pictured contain not a hint of human caring or emotional connectedness to them--that, to me, would definitely secure the work's place in the realm of pornography.

Check out the full article here:

Deadlines are the last day of the month. Three winners will be announced by the 14th of the month.

Please know that you, the author of your work, always retain the rights to your work with us. 

Previously unpublished works only. 

Check out our website for upcoming workshops, including:

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  • Erotica Themes & Plot
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  • Erotica Dialogue
  • Erotica Setting and other Necessary Elements
  • Erotica Writers’ Open Forum & Getting Published

Happy Writing!

Two Sisters

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